Motorboating Merit Badge

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 at 10am - 4pm

Location: Meet at church boating location TBD

This event is in the past.


Troop 550 has scheduled this merit for a Wednesday Aug 8th, we are hoping that during the weekday there will be less boaters on the water.

8/8/2012 form 10 – 4 (this date and time might change)

At this time we need to limit this Merit badge class to 14 boys.  Right now we have two dads and two boats, if we get more boats we might be able to increase class size.

I will need at least two additional parents (one for each boat) to help with this merit badge (need to keep two deep leadership for youth protection).

Also at this time we are requesting that only boys who already have their Swimming Merit badge sign up, if you want to sign up and do not yet have this merit badge please speak with me.

Per WA law - Operators 12 years of age and older operating a power-driven vessel with an engine that is 15 horsepower or more need to have a Washington Boater Education Card

The cost will be $10.50 for your permanent Washington Boater Education Card.

 By taking this class online you will have completed 2/3rd of the merit badge.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Motorboating requirements

  1. Do the following: a.Explain first aid for injuries that could occur while motorboating, including hypothermia, heat reactions, dehydration, motion sickness, insect stings, tick bites, and blisters. b.Identify the conditions that must exist before performing CPR on a person, and explain how such conditions are recognized. Demonstrate proper technique for performing CPR using a training device approved by your counselor.
  2. Do the following: a. Before doing requirements 3 through 6, successfully complete the BSA swimmer test. b. Name the different types of personal floatation devices (PFDs), and explain when each type should be use. Show how to choose and properly fit a PFD.
  3. Do the following: a. Explain inboard, outboard, and inboard/outboard motors and the uses and advantages of each. |discuss the special features of a bass boat and a ski boat. b. Explain the safety procedures and precautions involving handling fuel and engine servicing, and equipment storage and placement. c. Explain how to winterize a boat motor and tell why this procedure is necessary. d. Explain the safety procedures and precautions involving swimmers and skiers in the water, passenger positions under way, and boat wakes.
  4. Show you know safety laws for motorboating by doing the following: a. Have a permit to run a motorboat, if needed. b. Explain the rules or laws that apply to recreational boating in your area or state. c. Discuss how the hazards of weather and heavy water conditions can affect both safety and performance in motorboating. d. Promise that you will follow BSA Safety Afloat guidelines. Explain the meaning of each point. e. Discuss with your counselor the nautical rules of the road and describe the national and your state's aids to navigation. f. Explain and show the correct use of equipment required by both state and federal regulations to be carried aboard a motorboat. g. Explain federal and state rules for a ventilation system and tell why these rules are required.
  5. Demonstrate proper boat-handling procedures and skills by doing the following: a. Board and assist others in boarding. b. Fuel the boat and complete a safety check. c. Get under way from a dock or from a beach launch. d. Run a course for at least a mile, showing procedures for overtaking and passing slower craft, yielding right-of-way, passing oncoming traffic, making turns, reversing direction, and using navigation aids. e. Stop an secure the boat in position on the open water using anchors; get under way. f. Land or dock; get out and assist others. g. Moor the boat and secure all gear.
  6. Point out and explain the mechanical and safety features of a boat trailer. a. Launch a boat from a trailer. b. Remove a boat from the water using a trailer.


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