Troop Positions

Overall Troop Committee Responsibilities

The Boy Scout Troop Committee is responsible for conducting the business of the troop, setting policy, and helping the Scoutmaster (SM), Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs), and Scouts with the outdoor program and other planned activities.  More specifically:

·         Ensures that quality adult leadership is recruited and trained.

·         In case the Scoutmaster is absent, a qualified Assistant Scoutmaster is assigned.

·         Recruitment of Scoutmaster when needed.

·         Secure adequate meeting facilities.

·         Advises the Scoutmaster on policies relating to Boy Scouting and the chartered organization.

·         Supports SM, ASMs, and Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) in carrying out the program.

·         Responsible for finances, adequate funds, and disbursements in line with the approved budget.

·         Ensures the Troop has an outdoor program (min of 10 outdoor days and nights per year).

·         Organizes boards of review (recruits adults) and courts of honor.

·         Supports the Scoutmaster in working with individual boys and problems that may affect the overall Troop program.

·         Provides for the special needs and assistance some boys may require.

·         Helps with the Friends of Scouting campaign.

·         Decides which fund-raising activities to do that will that most directly benefit the troop and help individual scouts raise funds for outings.

·         Assists the Scoutmaster with handling boy behavioral problems and parent issues.

·         Distribute minutes of all committee activities to the SM and ASMs in a timely manner (i.e., prior to the next committee activity.  Activity is intended to mean committee meeting or any decision-making discussion outside of the formal committee meeting.

Committee Chair [committee position]

·         Organize the Committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated, and completed.

·         Maintain a close relationship with the Chartered Organization Representative and the Scoutmaster.

·         Interpret national and local policies to the Troop.

·         Prepare Troop Committee meeting agendas.

·         Call, preside over, and promote attendance at monthly Troop Committee meetings and any special meetings that may be called.

·         Ensure Troop representation at monthly roundtables.

·         Secure top-notch, trained individuals for camp leadership.

·         Arrange for charter review and re-charter annually.

·         Plan the re-charter presentation.

Scoutmaster [committee position]

·         Responsible for the image and program of the Troop (as created by the PLC).

·         Train and guide youth leaders with ASMs.

·         Work with other responsible adults as necessary to bring Scouting to boys.

·         Meet regularly with the Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) for training and coordination in planning Troop activities.

·         Attend all Troop meetings, or when necessary, arrange for a qualified ASM substitute.

·         Attend Troop Committee meetings.

·         Conduct periodic parents’ sessions to share the program and encourage parent participation and cooperation.

·         Take part in annual membership inventory and uniform inspection, charter review meeting, and charter presentation.

·         Conduct Scoutmaster Conferences as needed.

·         Provide a systematic recruiting plan for new members and see that they are promptly registered.

·         Delegate responsibility to other adults and groups so that they have a real part in Troop operations.  Coordinate with committee when appropriate.

·         Supervise Troop elections for the Order of the Arrow.

·         Make it possible for each Scout to experience at least 10 outdoor days and nights of camping each year.

·         Participate in Council and District events.

·         Announce volunteer opportunities available to scouts.

·         Build a strong program by using proven methods presented in scouting literature.

·         Conduct all activities under qualified leadership, safe conditions, and the policies of the chartered organization and the BSA.

·         Be responsible for BSA youth leader training within the Troop and at the council and national levels.  [this needs to be expanded on]

·         Be watchful that the Troop is taking all steps to ensure the boys’ safety.

Assistant Scout Master (ASM)

·         Train and guide youth with SM.

·         Attend Troop meetings.

·         May be invited to Committee Meetings.

·         Perform Scout Master Conferences (Scout rank advancements).

·         Assist SM in making 10 outdoor days and nights camping possible for Scouts.

·         Maintain / increase individual training certifications as required.

·         Provide in-charge leadership (and coordination with other parents or committee leaders as needed) for at least one outing, fundraising event, activity, or substantial troop contribution per year (i.e.: Webelos to Scout Transition Coordinator position).  Note: where there are more ASM’s than volunteer options available, provide co-leadership contribution.

·         Participate in Council and District events (i.e.: roundtables as often as possible passing on what has been learned).

·         Ensure that all funds are collected and disbursed in time to receive maximum discounts and bonuses for the Scouts when running an event.

·         Act as a merit badge counselor for skills reported in the leadership survey.

·         Work with Outdoor Activities Coordinator to ensure all aspects of events are planned and funds are collected in advance, including transportation costs when appropriate.

·         Certain ASMs have designated roles, like new Scout intake.  We need to elaborate and document these roles.

Treasurer [committee position]

·         Handle all Troop funds.  Pay bills on recommendation of the Scoutmaster and authorization of the Troop Committee.

·         Maintain checking account(s), including monthly reconcilement.

·         Maintain adequate Troop books and records (QuickBooks) including supporting documents and files.

·         Supervise money-earning projects, including obtaining proper authorizations.

·         Lead in the annual Troop budget.

·         Report to the Troop Committee at each meeting.

·         Prepare monthly balance sheet and profit and loss financial statements.

·         Receive payment notifications sent to

·         Oversee online payments on our website (

·         Transfer funds between Paypal and our checking account as needed.

·         Reconcile online payments with our website, Paypal, and our checking account.

·         Ensure Paypal fee schedule is consistently applied to our non-profit account.

·         Issue refunds as needed.

·         Reimburse other leaders in a timely manner.

Outdoor Activities Coordinator [committee position]

·         Help the designated ASM in securing permission to use camp sites.

·         Maintain transportation information and help ASM coordinate outing drivers.

·         Ensure that drivers are reimbursed for transportation costs.

·         Promote attendance to Troop events, outings, activities, campouts, camporees, and summer camp by making weekly announcements at Troop meetings and by regular timely email and the calendar notifications.

·         Secure BSA tour permits for all Troop activities.

·         Ensure that all funds are collected and disbursed in time to receive maximum discounts and bonuses for the Scouts when running an event (i.e.: summer camp).

·         Collect and ensure medical forms are correct, current, and sent with a leader on outings.

·         Report to the Troop Committee at each meeting.

Advancement Coordinator [committee position]

·         Encourage Scouts to advance in rank.

·         Maintain all Scout advancement records (TroopMaster) and make them available online to all registered members.  Collects and maintains completed merit badge blue cards.

·         Arrange quarterly Troop Boards of Review, and assists in preparation of Courts of Honor by providing the Scout emcee with a list of advancing scouts and the program template.

·         Upon completion of Boards of Review, provide quarterly advancement reports to Council.  Purchase badges and other rewards as needed.

·         Attend Troop meetings so that Scouts can easily have their records updated.

·         Report to the Troop Committee at each meeting.

·         Schedules and leads Eagle Board of Reviews. Includes assembling review team consisting of non-Scoutmaster Troop parents and a District representative. Submits completed Eagle application to Council after the review. Picks up Eagle certificate and awards (purchases upgraded awards from Scout Store). Notifies Eagle Scout, his family, and Scoutmaster when certificate and awards received. Eagle Scout's family arranges Eagle Court of Honor.

·         Solicits and enters all Scout leadership position, troop activity & service project participation, and patrol assignments in TroopMaster. Data providers may include the Troop senior leaders, troop scribe, patrol leaders, scoutmasters, and adults that lead specific activities.

Membership [committee position]

·         Develop a plan for year-round membership flow into the Troop.

·         Work with Webelos to Scout Coordinator to provide smooth transition from cub packs to Troop 550.

·         Work with designated ASM to ensure new scouts receive complete information for the first few outings.

·         Keep track of Scouts who drop out of the Troop, and encourage them to rejoin.

·         Prep annual re-charter documentation package and submit to Committee.

·         Assist in the orientation of new parents.

·         Work with the District training team in scheduling Fast Start training for all new leaders.

·         Maintain current lists of actual leaders (including current roles) and scouts independently of BSA registration records and make them available on our website.

·         Ensure website membership lists are accurate and current (add and revoke email and website access throughout the year) and adjust leadership roles.

·         Ensure new members have access to (and email from) the website.

·         Serve as the Troop Concierge, that person who collects checks, credit/debit cards and or cash at troop meetings for any and all reasons (i.e.: campouts, activities, events).

Eagle Scout Guide [committee position]

·         Must be an ASM in the Troop.

·         Provide support / direction for Life Scouts to achieve eagle rank.

·         Review and give preliminary approval to eagle project ideas.

·         Ensure Eagle project ideas are in alignment with Committee, SM, ASM and BSA guidelines.

·         Maintain regular contact with Life Scouts.

·         Monitor progress and requirements.

·         Ensure timeline to eagle rank achievable.

·         Arrange for Life Scouts to see acceptable examples of past Eagle projects.

Secretary [committee position]

·         Keeps minutes of monthly committee meetings.

·         Handle publicity.

·         Ensure Troop web site content contains all Committee-related information and ensure the calendar is properly updated, current, and accurate.

·         Conduct Troop resource survey.

·         At each meeting, report the minutes of the previous meeting.

Chaplain: Not Currently Utilized

Equipment Coordinator

·         Supervise and help the Troop procure camping equipment.

·         Work with the quartermaster on inventory and proper storage and maintenance of all Troop equipment.

·         Make periodic safety checks on all Troops camping gear.

·         Report to Troop Committee when requested.

·         Ensure Troop equipment is properly maintained and registered.

Merit Badge Coordinator

·         Build and maintain a Troop library of merit badge pamphlets and other advancement literature in coordination with Troop Liberian.

·         Develop and maintain a merit badge counselor list.

·         Ask the PLC which merit badges the Scouts want.

·         Maintain merit badge counselor list and ensure it is available on the troop website.

·         Coordinate schedules with PLC.

·         Maintain merit badge activities on the website calendar, being sure to include public clinics or webinars offered by other troops, the district, and/or council.

·         Responsible for Merit Badge Weekend event.

Website Manager [committee position]

·         Ensure the domain does not expire ( is the registrar).

·         Ensure Group spaces account does not expire.

·         Manage settings, access, and permissions to the website.

·         Manage email lists and distribution rights.

·         Work with Membership Coordinator to ensure posted member and leader lists are current and that email distribution and website access are updated (access granted or revoked) as changes occur throughout the year

·         Work with Outdoor Activities and Merit Badge Coordinators to ensure the Calendar is current and that announcements and event sign-ups are in place in a timely manner

·         Work with ASMs, Outdoor Activities Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Treasurer to ensure payment options are set up correctly and in a timely manner

·         Assist/train leaders in using full website functionality, including email list creation, news/announcements, event set-up and registration, payment set-up and collection, calendar maintenance,  membership rosters, photos, file archive, and feature requests

·         Function as Webmaster (website design) or delegate this responsibility to a qualified individual

·         Responsible for Paypal account settings and user access (e.g., Treasurer) and work with Treasurer to ensure funds are flowing properly and with the correct fee schedule

·         Responsible for providing or procuring technical support as needed

Fundraising Coordinator [committee position]

·         Report to the Troop Committee at each meeting.

·         Oversee the activities of the volunteer fundraisers responsible for “running” the various fundraising events planned for the year.

·         Assist those fundraisers in preparing, following or updating project plans documented to assist them in “running” successful events.

·         Research new fundraising ideas and present to the committee for adoption.

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